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Transform Your Kitchen with Countertop Refinishing

Why use countertop resurfacing?

Refinishing gives your counters, and your kitchen or bath, new life for a small portion of the expense of substitution. Numerous more established countertops are fundamentally fine. The exceptionally top surface may be harmed, or possibly the shading gives your kitchen or bath a dated vibe.

  • Save cost: Refinishing can save 70% or more over the expense of substitution.
  • Present-day look: Using Flint-Stone topcoat, you get the lovely look of stone.
  • No wreck: Replacement implies tearing out existing countertops, sinks, apparatuses, even conceivable pipes changes. No part of this is required while refinishing.
  • Quick: Refinishing is done in one day. Substitution can require a long time to gauge and request.
  • No upkeep: Refinished counters don’t need yearly untidy fixing like stone.

Ledge refinishing appears to be legit for the climate

Refinishing can assist with facilitating the landfill emergency by keeping current countertops and apparatuses out of the landfill. Counter refinishing is a hot private company opportunity. Click here for more data on our Professional Countertop and Bathtub Refinishing Training.

dallas countertop refinishing services

How the process functions including countertop fix

Cabinets, backsplash, apparatuses, and the floor should be covered. Oil, oil, and soil ought to be cleaned with specific cleaners. Scratches and chips can be fixed with compounds explicitly detailed for this reason. Countertop fixes can be precarious. It’s best passed on to a specialist assuming that you need the completed surface to look quite smooth. The surface is then prepared to guarantee appropriate attachment. Somewhere around 3 layers of polyurethane covering ought to be applied, bringing about a solid, as a new surface.


There are a few shading choices to go with your current stylistic theme. Our Flint-Stone multi-hued covering has bits in it that give the pursued look of stone without the expense. Ask your refinisher for samples of genuine Flint-Stone coatings for your ledge resurfacing position.

DIY Countertop Resurfacing

Do-It-Yourself resurfacing units are accessible in certain stores and online. In any case, countertop refinishing isn’t something the vast majority can effectively do themselves. Let’s be honest; the kitchen might be the point of convergence of your home. Assuming you need the outcome to be smooth, gleaming and without streak, you truly need a professional like Dallas Bathtub Refinishing for your countertop resurfacing project.