Shower Refinishing

Shower Refinishing

shower refinishingAre you looking for a reliable company for shower refinishing that does the job in no time?

Are you upset about common problems such as cracks, missing grout, chipped tiles, frequent leaks, and many more that are present in showers?

At Dallas Bathtub & Shower Refinishing, we aim to offer a brand new finish to your shower that can last a long time. Without sacrificing on quality, our team of refinishing experts will focus on your preferences and needs.

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No to useless alternatives, no temporary cover-ups. We aim to provide lasting results that give value to your home for years after the project is complete.

Once we have fixed all the current problems that you have, your shower will look new, clean, and hygienic. We are working on finishing the project as fast as we could so that 

you don’t have to wait long until you can use your bathroom again.

The Shower Refinishing Process.

For your shower refinishing needs, we follow a simple two-step cleaning process.  First, to ensure that your home is fully covered, we begin by covering the entire bathroom using different materials. We are bringing in an exhaust fan to help air out the room to reduce any chemical smell.

It is now time to apply the bonding agent to the surface once we have finished protecting your space. This is also the part where we tie-up the cleaning process by adding the finish to the tub. 

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We will also focus on any maintenance on the shower apart from the cleaning process so that it will still look brand new. 

Our mission is to provide lasting outcomes for our customers that offer your shower the new and clean look we all desire.

For more info on how you can put your dream shower back to life, call our hotline.

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