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Our goal is to make your bathroom and shower look and feel brand new as Dallas, Tx’s leading refinishing company. Dallas Bathtub and Shower Refinishing will likely create a warm atmosphere, inviting, and personal at a fraction of what you would usually pay

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When it comes to shower & bathtub refinishing, our team manages the best of the best contractors in Dallas, Tx.  We use techniques of professional-grade resurfacing equipped with the best tools and materials that have the best possible performance and results.


To help restore your bathroom to its original glory,  we can manage numerous bathroom refinishing projects. From missing porcelain to enamel, we can repair everything, but we can also restore the shine of your tiles or add a color change to your tub.

Although it could cost you thousands of dollars for a full-blown remodeling project, a refinishing project will cost 80 percent less. You can use your bathroom almost immediately with a refinishing project after the project is complete. The project would cover everything, regardless of the materials used to build it, from resurfacing to restoring the bathtub.

Our team can treat damaged bathtubs and restore them and make repairs that last a long time.  We can likewise help make your bathroom look modern for a budget-friendly price than what it would ordinarily cost.

Find out why Dallas Bathtub & Shower Refinishing is the leading bath and shower refinishing company in Dallas Texas.

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